How much water does my Freshen Pod hold?

  • Your Freshen Pod holds 6 fl. oz., or approximately 175 mL.

How long does it run for?

  • When filled to full capacity, your Freshen Pod will run for approximately 4 hours without refill if turned to the Continuous Mist option; if turned to the Intermittent Mist option, it will run for approximately 6 hours.

What are its dimensions?

  • The Freshen Pod is 4 inches tall, and 3 inches wide, designed to be the perfect addition to a stylish room.

Can I add essential oil to it?

  • Yes! It’s a lovely way to add a special something to your air humidifier experience. Try adding up to 5 drops of your favorite oil; we love peppermint or lavender :)

Do I need to clean it?

  • If you’re adding essential oil, then a good wipe down inside your Freshen Pod every couple of weeks is recommended.

What inspired you to create Freshen?

  • We’re a couple of homebodies who loved having an air humidifier in our homes, but knew it could be improved: more stylish, more portable, more fun. So we set our sights on designing the air humidifier we’d always wanted.